Our Vision Statement

The Vision of First Baptist Church of Leesville is to be a fellowship of believers genuinely committed to our responsibility of making Christian disciples.
To accomplish this Christ-given mission we do the following:
  • We will honor Christ with spiritual-uplifting, joyful praise and worship.
  • We will actively and intentionally involve our membership in local evangelism and world-wide missions.
  • We will teach, nurture, and equip our membership and new believers through sound doctrine and discipleship that we may continually mature in our relationship with God.
  • We will develop and maintain a loving, caring, encouraging, and Christ centering fellowship to meet many ministry needs of the total church family.
  • We will reach out to our neighbors through loving service and Christian witness to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our community.
                                                      Brother Darin Worthington                                                          Senior Pastor
Brother Craig Forque,
Music Minister and Associate Pastor
 Linda Brady, Financial Secretary
Gail Wagner, Secretary
Pat Totten, Secretary 
Elizabeth Cyr, Pianist