Welcome Page
Welcome to First Baptist
Whether you are looking for a church to call home or just visiting, we are so glad you have chosen to worship with us today.
We have parking on the East and West side of the main building and also in back of the church. We have greeters on the parking lots to guide you to the place you need to go.
Greeter Service:
As you walk through the main entrance, you will find friendly greeters there to show you where to go. If you are here for small group Bible study at 9:30 AM and have children, they will show you where they will be meeting and where you will pick them up for worship service. We have nursery facilities for children 3 years and younger. The 3 and 2 year old children will have small group beginning at 9:30 and can stay there during worship service with the younger children during worship service if you so desire. They will also show you to your small group meeting.
Worship Service:
Worship service begins at 10:45 AM in the sanctuary.  Come as you are, You will be welcome. We are a group of people with different ideas and looks who love each other and God and just want to worship the Lord.
We are anxious to meet you and get to know and love you!  Guest cards will be available during the worship service. Please complete the card and place it in the offering plate when passed. Someone will contact you shortly.